Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

In this walk of life, every individual is faced with precarious moments that may shake the very core of one’s being. Tough experiences to cope with such as relationship difficulties, various types of losses, uncertainties, and transitions. Grief encounters like these are woven into the fabrics of life and can lead some to ponder some of life’s biggest questions such as “why”, “what if”, or contemplating “what could have been…”.

Therapy can be the perfect setting for deep reflection to occur. It takes courage to begin to stitch together the delicacies of our lives. And yet, it is profoundly moving to witness the wise perspectives, meanings, and empowering healing that you have the ability to create from your life story.

At Northwest Couple and Family Therapy, we can offer you a pathway to begin to discover yourself and relationships in a new way.

Individual therapy is focused on the following:

  • Tending to unresolved issues, traumas, losses, and past hurts
  • Uncovering blockages that may be impeding on you living a fulfilling, satisfying life
  • Navigating how you aspire to be as a person
  • Accessing sources of hope
  • Strengthening self-care practices
  • Self-reflection and development

Individual therapy is centered on strengthening your relationships to yourself as well as others by working through losses, conflicts, and pain points that you have experienced in your life.

What you may gain from individual therapy:

  • Balance, feeling whole, and well
  • Self-compassion and love
  • Increased awareness of yourself and others
  • Grounded in your wants, needs, and desires
  • Emotional stability and empowerment
  • You feeling your best, authentic self