Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Sometimes in couples relationships, partners may find themselves feeling regularly distressed, misheard, misunderstood, and stuck in unresolved, poor communication patterns. Betrayals can occur resulting in ruptures in trust, major life transitions can compound stress on the relationship, and/or disconnections can take place with sex and intimacy…

At Northwest Couple and Family therapy, we can offer an avenue for you and your partner to begin to work through issues such as these.

Couples therapy is focused on how to:

  • Skillfully communicate and negotiate
  • Enhance and maintain intimacy
  • Repair and heal from trust issues
  • Integrate differences
  • Make difficult decisions

Our approach with couples is tailored to you and your partner’s personal growth in order to strengthen your relationship as a whole. We believe that relationships have the potential to be a solace for the soul. Our hope is for you and your partner to create a place of refuge in your partnership where your hearts can be gently held by the grace of the other. For your relationship to be a strong, vital base you can turn to as you encounter broken connections, devastations, or challenges in life. To be able to rely on one another for enrichment that affirms one’s spirit.

Therapy is about restoring your roots as a couple to feel a deepened sense of unity. Its about cultivating a new, more nourishing partnership where there is a level of safety and comfort to be able to have rich, authentic conversations that come from the heart. When couples experience moments like these, it anchors them into feeling a powerful compassionate, resilient, vital love.

What you may gain from couples therapy:

  • Feelings of support, fulfillment, pleasure and nurturance
  • Self-awareness and accountability
  • Relational healing
  • A greater sense of transparency
  • Integration of differences
  • Reliable, positive time together
  • Feeling empowered as a couple